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For those who haven't heard, Jeremy was killed in a car accident on October 15, 2012. Jeremy and Robert were on their way to Georgia with the first load of Bee's for the winter season when they were hit head on. Jeremy sadly didn't make it. Jeremy built a wonderful business, We couldn't let something so great go away so Mandy, Robert and Andrew are continuing on Jeremy's Legacy. Rest in Peace Jer we miss you dearly.

Jelinek Apiaries was built up by Jeremy Jelinek. He was a third generation beekeeper. Jelinek Apiaries was established in 1926 by Jeremy's grandfather Jim Jelinek, all of the Jelinek boys worked for Dad when they were of working age so all of Jeremy's uncles know about the bee business. When Jim passed away the business went quiet until Jeremy started it back up again at the age of nine with only 10 hives. Now the business is right around 1700 hives, and growing every day.

Jelinek Apiaries is very much a family operated business. Since Jeremy's passing, Mandy has taken over, Robert Herman is a business partner to Mandy and  Andrew Jelinek (Jeremy's younger brother) has returned to the company full time. Not only does Andrew now work for us but Jeremy's father Rick is very much involved also but in a different form. Rick owns and operates Jelinek Transportation. He specializes in Bee Transportation, but that isn't the only thing he will haul. Rick has a step deck trailer making it easy to haul bees or any type of goods that needs a flatbed or step deck.

Jelinek Apiaries offers Pollination to all Crops, if you are interested in Pollination please contact the office at 231-313-7124

We also offer swarm removal